Live-web - Midterm Proposal

by Simon M. Jensen - October 16, 2018

For the midterm assignment I would like to create my own chat/videochat-app. I use video communication every day talking to friends and family in other parts of the world. Instead of going through Fb-messenger, Google or Skype I would like to connect with people through a service I created myself.

My idea is to combine, WebRTC and PeerJS to create a videochat app. On the page you can see who is online and available to chat - you can call the person you want to talk to and you can make a group conversion with several people simultaneously. If possible, I would also like to make a screen-share feature so that I could potentially share my screen with others who are on the call. I have been told that “webRTC screen share” could be a place to look for this. Also this npm seems to useful for this feature.

From a layout perspective I was thinking about arranging peoples’ videos in a way similar to this Skype example.
Also, if the video can be treated as HTML a video player - features such as fullscreen/volume could be added for extra controls.


An ‘online indicator’ could be added next to the callID for each person on the page. Similar to the one we know from several other platforms.


As we have already used some of these libraries and features in class - my hope is that this idea will be executable in a week. If not, I will focus on the Video-call and Screen-share aspect of the assignment.