Computational approaches to Typo - ANSI-Terminal

by Simon M. Jensen - October 31, 2018

This week we were introduced to xterm.js - a terminal emulator written in Javascript. We were asked to experiment with the content and create our own terminal sequence which could either be a short “sketch” - playing with colors or randomness.

I used the “hello world” sketch to create a “hello”. I then played around with carriage returns, newlines, spacing etc. In the beginning I had an idea of what was going on - but as small changes were made I feel like strange things just started happening on the screen. Some of the things looked good. Many things did not. Although I am not using the random function at any point - I would still consider many parts of this sketch random.

My “hello” on screen was controlled by “for loops”. In order to separate the loops I created two booleans: “move” and “back”. The various true/false combinations of these booleans combined with FrameCount would control what was happening to my “hello” and when it would happen.

If I were to call the sketch something - It would probably be “Hello - going crazy”. As I think the control of the hello gets more and more out of hand.

I did add color to the text. But decided it looked better in classic terminal colors.

A couple of screenshots from the sketch.


Link to P5 webEditer sketch here