Designing for Digital Fabrication - Rhino

by Simon M. Jensen - November 01, 2018

This week for Designing for Digital Fabrication I am presenting on the Rhinoceros® CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software - Also referred to as Rhino. It is developed by Robert McNeel and Associates.

Information about the Rhino Software: Used in architecture, industrial design, product design for manufacturing, prototyping, 3D printing and reverse engineering.

It has many features similar to VectorWorks and my impression is that the are competing for the same audience. Even in this class.


A number of features Rhino and VW have in common (That we have been using a lot in class).

There are some differences between the programs. In my experience especially when it comes to 3D. It seems that Rhino was built specifically for 3d modelling (it is also referred to as Rhino3D). I’m not sure if VectorWorks was intended for that in early days or picked it up later?

Useful Rhino features:

Files supported by Rhino:


Comes for Mac and PC. Link to download full version for 90 days. Note: Price full version as a student is 195$ !

Here is a not very useful comparison of VW to Rhino Link.