Computational typo Final - Robotjs generated text

by Simon M. Jensen - December 12, 2018

For the final project I revisited a prior assignment from the first weeks of this class. I wanted to create something that looked like human handwriting with an ink-pen.

Something like this is what I had in mind


Since it didn’t go well last time, I wanted to give it another attempt. This time I used opentype.js to get the contour of the letters.


opentype.js return an array with all the x,y positions making up the letter. I then fed them into robotjs. Robotjs takes control of your mousePosition - and imitates the movement of the contour. All I then had to do was to set of a canvas in p5 - that would connect lines between the x,y positions from the “robot-hand”.


I separated the letters out to individual keyboard keys and used - so that when a “d” was pressed - it would draw “d’”. Most of the code was written in node. The code can be seen here.