Real time biological feedback

A project created in collaboration with patternmaker and creative technologist Sandy Hsieh. The project aims to explore real time biological measures trasmitted wirelessly to a computer. Respiration and pulse sensors were built into a wearable device to provide instant feedback to the user wearing it. These biological measurements were selected on their precision as well as a high degree of self-control making the feedback interactive for the user.

Respiration: Real-time visual feedback. Data is transmitted wirelessly from shirt to custom built computer program.
image The project consisted of three pieces: 1. Chest strap with built in stretch-conductive-fabric. Measuring the expansion of the lungs. 2. Case containing a microcontroller connected to power and a bluetooth transmitter - emitting data from the fabric to a computer. 3. Shirt with built in stretch-conductive-fabric and a pocket to contain the transmitting case. The information folder - describing the individual parts in our project can be seen by clicking the image.

With this project we wanted to visualize and manipulate respiration. A computer program provides a patterns for people to follow by inhaling and exhaling. Respiration was then visualized by a line going up when people inhaled and down when people exhaled. The visuals would adjust according to peoples maximum and minimum values - providing a similar visual output for the user regardless of age, size and physical shape. Three different breathing patterns were implemented. After the breathing exercises the user would receive a history of what their repiration looked like.

circles A user is following the breathpattern. The breath of the user is shown with a line. The pattern to follow is made of circles.
circles The breath-history is shown when completing the three "levels".

The case was 3d printed from a sketch found on adafruit specifically made to fit the adafruit feather and a small battery. The entire circuit was put together on the featherboard to limit the size as much as possible.

circles The 3d printed case containing the featherboard and the circuit including bluetooth, batteri, on/off switch and wireless PolarĀ® HeartRate sensor
User test and minor adjustments before the 2017 winter show at ITP

This project was exhibited at the ITP winter show 2017. The code can be found on Github.